Game Development
Explained with Sock Puppets

Come join the team from Top Drawer Studios at PAX Australia in their adventures developing their game, Tales of the Dust Bunnies

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2016: A Fistful of Socks

In the wake of whatever happened to Tiny Angry Flappy Bird, the team at Top Drawer Studio votes on a new project. Can they develop it before they run out of money?

2017: Sockette, Interrupted

Amidst the craziness of game development, Amy, Top Drawer Studio’s Game Designer, struggles with self-doubt. Is the gameplay of Tales of the Dust Bunnies her white whale?

2018: A Stitch in Time

This year, we travel back in time with our producer Sam, to find out just how things came unravelled with the team's first game - Tiny Angry Flappy Bird!

2019: Socks Pilling vs. The Herd

This year, our coders the Davids attend a conference to educate themselves on the latest game engine updates, but instead learn a much greater lesson.

2020: The Rainbow Disconnection

This year, our artist Coreen is determined to be the best artist she can be and make a visually stunning game, but she may be pushing herself too much. Especially during a pandemic!

This year's episode was a musical! For lyrics, click here